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Pick the Perfect Medical Contract Packaging Company in 3 Simple Steps

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Track and trace serialisation

Every year, doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals order and provide more than 2 billion prescription drugs in the U.S. alone. And in 2011, U.S. drug store and pharmacy sales reached a staggering $231.4 billion. There’s a reason they call it BIG pharma.

The pharmaceutical and medical companies that produce those billions of bills play a vital role in our health care system, helping to save countless lives every day. But in order to deliver all those essential medications where they’re needed, companies need to pick the right medical contract packaging company. And in 2015, the regulations and requirements on pharmaceutical packaging have never been more complex. So how do you navigate that maze of red tape? How do you find the right pharmaceutical packaging companies for your needs? There are th

Three Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Packaging Needs to Be So Tough

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Carded packaging desings

A lot of frustrated consumers wonder why it is that pharmaceutical packaging companies have to make their blister packaging and bottle packaging so tough to get into. While to most it might seem like pharma packaging services are being a bit overprotective, it’s important to understand what’s at stake if pharma packing were to decline in quality.

Here are a few reasons why the pharmaceutical industry needs to package their goods so securely.


If you’ve ever heard about the unsolved 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders, then you’d know why tamper proofing is one of Continue Reading No Comments