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The Phone May Not Stop Ringing Even After Your Business Is Closed

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It may seem like phones are becoming obsolete with the ubiquity of internet-connected devices these days, but when it comes to customer service for your business, phones are still very important. Surveys show that about four out of every five customers prefer to interact with companies and about the same amount say they will hang up on a business if they get a voicemail. That makes it important to try to have a live answering service, not only when you are open but also after hours. That can be difficult to do, especially for a small business, which is why you may want to take advantage of after hours phone answering service.

Having a 24 ho

Could Your Business be Suffering Without an Answering Service?

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Physicians answering service

Everyone has complained about hearing automated telephone answering services at one point or another. Either they take too long to answer questions, aren’t helpful, or any other number of complaints. In truth, answering services are extremely important for business owners. Although many a complaint has been voiced about those robotic voices, here are a few ways they’re actually very helpful to business owners.

They assist with customer service

Currently, brands in the United States are losing almost $41 billion annually due to poor customer service practices. Without good customer experiences, it’s difficult to build lasting relationships, and surprisingly enough, answering services can help with that. Rather than calling a representative and being passed from person to