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The Importance of Shredding Confidential Customer Information

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Identity theft is a real thing. Most people do not realize the inconvenience and negative affect that it can have on a person, when they are the victim of identity theft. They may have to file disputes on many credit card transactions. They may have to cancel all credit and debit cards, and await new ones. They may have new charges and negative credit reports show up, sometimes many months or years later. A company that does not protect its customer?s information sufficiently enough to prevent identity theft can be severely fined. All businesses need to take great care in developing effective document destruction options plans.

Allow only qualified individuals to accept customers confidential information. Confidential information in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. Som

Saving Your Identity — and Your Planet

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In today’s digital, web-focused, technologically savvy world, it’s a wonder anything exists on paper anymore. With the use of digital devices and online news stories, books and newspapers have been printed and sold less and less. But with the information age moving to computers and devices, there’s still one avenue we continue to see printed data. And it is one of the most sensitive: our personal information, whether it has to do with health, banking and finances, personal possessions, or any number of other type of information that we would like to have every confidence is secure.

Why does it matter that my information is on paper?

An estimated 95% of business information continues to be kept on paper. We fill in sensitive information when we visit the doctor’s off