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Archive for June 28, 2018

How Dry Ice Blasting Cleans Without Using Strong Chemicals or Harming the Environment

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A wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, food processing, electricals, and mold remediation need a cleaning process that can remove biological, chemical, and physical contaminants from equipment and surfaces. This is one area in which carbon dioxide or CO2, in its solid form, outperforms water. Dry ice, as solid CO2 is known, is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material. Dry ice blasting solutions clean quickly, efficiently and at lower cost than other comparable methods.

What is dry ice cleaning?
Dry ice is simply carbon dioxide in its solid state, which is maintained at the extremely cold temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to higher temperatures, it returns to a gaseous form. Dry ice used for cleaning is typically in the form of pellets, nuggets, or shavings, which impact the surface to be cleaned at high speeds. The cleaning process has three stages, which remove all traces of organic, chemical and physi

A Look At The Benefits Of Fire Protection Services

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Fires are a dangerous thing in all parts of the United States, yearly causing damage to not only private property, but commercial buildings as well. Fires have the potential to do great deals of damage – and they also have the potential to cause serious injuries and even, in some cases, to lead to the tragic death of the building’s inhabitants. And so fires should certainly not be taken lightly, but prevented to the best of our abilities all throughout the country. With the help of fire protection companies, fire prevention to a huge extent is possible and when a fire does occur, fire protection companies can help you to be prepared to contain it as swiftly as possible, before any damage is done or injuries (or loss of life, even) are sustained.

Fire protection companies can be particularly helpful to the hotel industry, where fires cause as much as fifteen deaths and more than one hundred and fifty injuries every single year in the United States alone. Hotels see a good deal of h