How a Clinic Can Be Designed to Support Patients

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Whenever a new clinic is designed and built, architects and medical experts have the option to build the concept of patient care into the very structure of the building. Instead of sending patients through a maze of corridors and unfriendly spaces, they can choose to guide a patient from the entrance to the waiting room and beyond just with the building’s layout.

This video shows one example of a clinic that was built with patients in mind.

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Instead of gating patient exam rooms behind a check-in desk, the designers planned for the future. They direct patients immediately to a hallway of exam rooms that are very clearly marked with room numbers. Patients check themselves in online before arriving and then take themselves to their assigned rooms at their appointment times.

The exam rooms can also be accessed from a central location in the building for at least four teams of staff. They can share the rooms better and serve patients better since they don’t have to trouble themselves with checking patients in.

While this approach to clinic design may seem strange to some, it saves time, protects patient privacy, and encourages patients to take responsibility for their health.

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