Four Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ Before Hiring

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Hire a dj

Have you ever thought about your wedding day?

What will be required, including the music?

There may be questions: What will the band play or will you hire a DJ?

Finding the right DJ is tough.

This article is here to help.

Disk jockeys, or DJs, are known for their electronic beats, mash-ups of songs, and a seamless blending playlist. They churn out popular hits, are popular in party cities like Vegas, and, yes, perform at weddings.

Every bride and groom has questions about selecting a DJ. The choice is crucial: The right DJ will encourage people to dance, placate awkward family situations, avoid uncomfortable songs, and might even officiate.

But finding the right DJ is tough. The wrong one can wreck a wedding.

Fortunately, this is avoidable. Here are a list of four questions to ask a DJ during the selection process.

What Sort of Equipment Do You Use?

DJs should have professional equipment. Failing speakers, a computer that spritzes out, malfunctioning wireless equipment all bode ill. The DJ that does other events, like corporate functions, is likely to have state of the art equipment.

Equipment plays into the cost. Each piece of equipment may be listed as an add-on for the contract. Your event space may have them already, but having a back-up can reduce the awkwardness at a wedding if something goes wrong.

What Is Your Music Collection?

Does the DJ have the latest hits? Or classic oldies?

DJs should have an expansive library. The first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance all require music that is personal to the participants. Which raises another question: whether the DJ takes requests.

The guests will want to hear their favorite songs played. Ask the DJ how he or she handles song requests. They may prefer a specific way, such as a person coming up to the booth rather than the request being shouted out.

What Do You Do With Your Playlist or Your Not Playlist?

Ask a DJ if he or she can take your playlist. If you’re close to selecting, remember to add context: Which songs gets played for what reason. “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang might be played to get your whole family jumping, while “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton might be played for a more intimate dance.

Your “Do-Not-Play” list may be even more important than your playlist. Ask a DJ if they can avoid certain songs, like those with suggestive words or songs that trigger bad feelings. Bad blood between family members can be triggered with certain songs.

What Is the Wedding DJ Cost?

The price to book a DJ through a professional DJ company is around $1,200. This ranges from a few hundred to $3,000 if contractors are added into the selection pool. Wedding DJ cost includes the time, the officiating, and possibly the equipment. Wedding DJ cost varies according to experience.

Cost requires research. Take a peek at a DJ’s event. Ask for references. If they are part of a company, ask the for their qualifications.

With 2.4 million weddings performed each year and with each wedding having an average of 141 guests, DJs spin the tune for millions to get dancing. Because the average wedding reception is four hours, DJs must have plenty of music, a varied playlist, and the ability to take requests.

Ask those four questions before signing the contract. Great references here. Learn more about this topic here.

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