Industrial Marketing Services Use Cutting Edge Strategies and Tools

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Industrial and electrical Maintenance, Repair and Operations organizations or MROs tend to focus on producing stuff and to leave the marketing to their distributors. However, MRO distributors can also benefit from new trends in marketing and from strategic marketing advice and initiatives. Programs like the Co|optimizer programs, also known as co-op marketing, can help both the distributor and the manufacturer to grow. MRO consulting and branding covers all aspects of the marketing plan, from concept through strategy to execution.

What is co-op marketing?
Brand investment is a new idea in the B2B world. But as sales rebound and production picks up, MRO marketing can help in value creation through brand differentiation. It also gives distributors access to new marketing initiatives, strategies and tools to reach new customers.
Co-op marketing works with MRO distributors to develop targeted marketing plans that help both distributors and manufacturers to grow. Targeted marketing uses analytical services based on new technology to reach local markets. Industrial videos help MRO brand development and value creation. They can be used in a number of ways to connect with new customers.

Marketing solutions for big brands
Marketing for MROs covers everything connected with the marketing plan, from research through strategy to execution. It includes market research, analytical services, strategy and planning, branding and advertising, direct marking and sales promotion. MRO consulting connects distributors and manufacturers with the newest trends in marketing.
Marketing tools like videos, web marketing, content and webinar marketing and social media all use cutting edge tools for brand differentiation. Each MRO has different needs and a special customized marketing plan is created based on current as well as projected needs.

Access to marketing initiatives
Co op marketing gives distributors access to marketing initiatives like video and sales promotion projects. Video is used in a number of different ways: for ecommerce conversion, field sales demos, email marketing, search engine optimization and more.
Industrial video can be paired with other initiatives like targeted sales promotions for new customers. MRO consulting brings the products of thought leadership and the latest marketing methods to distributors and manufacturers.

MRO consulting can help manufacturers and distributors grow. As industrial production ramps up, it helps MRO distributors to develop marketing initiates based on the latest marketing strategies. Tools like video, targeted sales promotions, distributor analytics and online marketing can all be used to optimize the use of co op funds.

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