The Top Five Ingredients A Successful Business Mail Service Needs To Stay Relevant

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What constitutes a good mail service? You’ll need to be able to answer this question well before the year ends.

Businesses worth their salt need to muscle through the typical printing fees, mailing costs and assorted setbacks while still meeting their monthly figures. The only way to do this is to circumvent the impulse to reinvent the wheel and brush up with the classics. How often are you sending out non-renewal notices? Do you offer printable stamps and custom postage options to your repeat customers? Clearing this up now will save you and your growing consumer base a lot of frustration in 2018.

Did You Know?

Let’s figure out some numbers first before you start looking at your mail service in a new light. The year 2015 saw over two and a half billion coupons redeemed, which is nothing to say of coupons tossed into the trash, recycled or presented to businesses out-of-date. The next year would see a total of 14,700 postmasters and mail superintendents alongside 4,000 first-line supervisors of transportation and vehicle operators. Overall, there are nearly 329,000 postal service mail carriers working throughout the United States.

Cancellation Periods

A smart way to save money is to simply look at what everyone else is doing when it comes to their mail service. The majority of policies require the insurer provide an advance notice to give their customers time to either cancel or consider. This notice of non-renewal will have a requirement ranging from a mere 10 days to up to 75, depending on both the jurisdiction and the circumstances around the request. Overall, the most common insurance cancellation notice period is 30 days.

Re-Evaluation Periods

What about customers that want to stick around but need a reminder or updated information? Your mail service should be able to adapt. A driver license revocation that results from a re-evaluation doesn’t actually need to be permanent. The driver is allowed to wait up to 30 days before re-applying for their license. Now, a driver license will become suspended when the lapse is 91 days or more if the time period of said lapse hasn’t yet been determined. Being up front about these details will save a lot of frustration on both sides of the fence.

Custom Options

What makes custom options so necessary for a successful business? They remind customers that they’re more than just numbers. Custom postage stamps and print certified mail label should ideally be delivered on time, delivered securely and delivered with a personal touch. This can even factor into print postage online, with more and more businesses offering flexibility with just the click of a button. Factoring all these different details into your modern mail service will yield a return that just grows higher and higher.

The State Of Modern Mail

Customers want their mail on-time. They want their sensitive medical information, driver’s license renewal or family gifts free from prying hands or weather damage. They want a lot of different elements from their business of choice, sometimes unconsciously, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they get it without having to pester. Recent studies have shown the benefits of printed mail are still higher than many think, with nearly 40% of people under the age of 40 admitting they look forward to checking their mail everyday.

Help your customers look forward to you and what you have to offer. Update your mail service and watch everything else fall in line.

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