What Types of Aerial Advertising Exist?

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Finding the right aerial advertising solutions doesn’t have to be impossible. Sometimes, you just need to learn more about what type of aerial advertising options exist. Research shows that certain aerial advertising options can have up to a 20 percent response rate. In this post, you will learn more about which type of aerial advertising options are usually available.

  • Sky Writing: This type of aerial advertising has a plane write a message into the sky. A company can choose from a wide variety of messages. Sky writing will usually begin at about 10,000 feet where will typically be calm. Cooler air is also more common at higher altitudes.

    A cooler form of air exerts a higher amount of pressure which helps hold the smoke in place. Smoke will be what is used for a sky writing message. If the conditions are right, a sky writing message can linger in the air for around 20 minutes.

  • Aerial Banners: Sky banners are a classic way for a company to get their message to a wide audience. An aerial banner can feature a message offering quite a bit of room. These banners are flown into the sky by a qualified pilot.

    One major advantage of banners as aerial advertising options are their reach. A banner can be seen from a great distance as it flies over the sky. If you pick a populated spot, your banner could reach millions of potential viewers.

  • Blimps: This is one of the aerial advertising options that isn’t as prominently featured in current times. Throughout history, blimps were often used to promote a product or service. However, many companies prefer the simplicity and flexibility that comes with using aerial banners.
  • In closing, there are quite a few types of aerial advertising options for a company to use. Skywriting is a service offered in some parts of the country. However, conditions will need to be nearly ideal for sky writing to effectively display a message. Aerial banners are popular for many companies to currently spread their message. Blimps were often used in older times but aren’t as often used for advertising currently.

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