Here’s Why Steel Shipping Containers are So Important to the Global Economy

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Steel shipping container

Everybody is familiar with steel shipping containers, but many may dismiss them as simply vessels to carry cargo across the seas. While this is a huge part of what they’re used for, steel shipping containers have become a major part of industries around the world, and custom containers have helped the market to skyrocket even more.

Steel shipping containers are the backbone of the global economy, and for good reason. They’re durable, watertight, and offer endless possibilities for whatever job you need done, whether it be transport or storage. Here are just three of the many reasons that steel shipping containers are such an integral part of our lives:

    Crux of global shipping. The food we eat and the good we used wouldn’t be readily available if it weren’t for steel shipping containers. Most products in America are not domestically made, and being able to transport large quantities of valuables in shipping containers helps us to get the things we need to thrive. In terms of value, global container trade accounts for about 60% of all seaborne trade, and the market was valued at a whopping $5.6 trillion in 2010. One of the strongest investments on the planet, you can bet that shipping containers will be useful for decades to come.

    Continuing to grow. Despite already being so dependent steel shipping containers, global markets continue to throw more chips into the pot, betting on the reliability of them over other options for transport and storage. The container market is set to grow by about 5.3% by 2017, which would mark an estimated $400 million increase in value. It’d be foolish not to invest in the best steel shipping containers if you own any type of business that requires seaborne transportation.

    Custom containers. Besides the glaring importance of shipping containers for industrial use, there’s another reason they continue to grow in demand and popularity. Custom containers are changing the way businesses operate, and their multi-purpose functionality meets the needs of any company or homeowner. One of the most popular ancillary uses for shipping containers are portable office container. Temperature-controlled and easy-to-move, these portable offices are becoming a huge part of both small and large businesses around the world.

There truly aren’t many investments you can make today that can rival the definitive return of shipping containers. Infinitely useful and endlessly valuable, you can be sure that steel shipping containers will continue to be a large part of everybody’s lives for years to come.

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