Top Security Advantages for Tyvek Plastic Wrist Bands

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Top Security Advantages for Tyvek Plastic Wrist Bands

Any hospital or medical facility needs to be sure that they have proper methods for identifying patients and medical personnel. 25 state hospitals across the U.S. have implemented a system of patient wristband colors, so that they were able to keep better track of their patients and any of their ailments or allergies.andnbsp; This can be a great help, especially if multiple patients are in one location.

What Do These Colors Mean Medically?

Three conditions that have focused on wrist band colors are:

  • Yellow is going to be for a fall risk. This means a patient is at a great risk of falling or injuring themselves if they were to stand up. Wearing a yellow branded plastic wrist band is going to identify that a patient needs to have constant assistance if they are going to be standing up.
  • The next color that has been used for identification is red.andnbsp; This means any patients wearing red tyvek plastic wrist bands have an allergy. Now, keep in mind there are many different forms and types of allergies, however it does let medical personnel be aware to ask the patient about their allergies.

Medical alert wrist bands can be a huge help in the event there is some type of catastrophe or many patients are admitted into a hospital or medical facility all at once. Being able to identify people are, plus any type of allergies or injuries they may have just based on the fact they are wearing a simple color-coded wrist band is going to be a huge help.

Also, for hospitals that are trying to keep better track of their employees, custom printed tyvek plastic wrist bands can be a great way to notify all of hospital security who is scheduled to work just based on their rubber wrist bands. A hospital can control who is a night time employee and who is a daytime employee, plus any employees that do not have full access to the hospital can be identified simply by custom silicone wrist bands.

Keeping better track of employees and patients in a medical facility can be a great help, but also any visitors who need to visit friends or family members in the hospital can also be identified while wearing vinyl wrist bands. Having a safe and secure location that runs smoothly is very important, but it also is vital for the safety of patients and all of the visitors. Rubber wrist bands with different types of color codes can be ideal in making sure that medical environments stay safe.

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