Can You Sell Your Home In The Blink Of An Eye?

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Are you selling your home — and looking to sell it fast? You are not alone. From 2011 to 2012, the number of American homes sold spiked by more than 4.65 million, and even more homes are selling today. Add your house to the ranks by teaming up with a quality real estate agent and using some of these dirty tricks of the trade.

Simmer Up Some Pleasing Smells

Buyers are more likely to close if your home smells better during open houses. (They will, of course, be completely turned off if your home smells like anything particularly unpleasant, like pets or feet.) Artificial air conditioners, despite what many believe, will not do the trick. (At their best, they smell artificial. At their worst, they smell like chemicals.) One expert recommends cooking up some “cozy” smells by simmering cloves, spices, cinnamon sticks, and some orange peels maybe 15 to 20 minutes prior to showing your home. (Simmer the spices and peels in water — or, for something particular aromatic, use apple cider.)

Choose Your Words Very Carefully

Perceptions mean everything. Don’t keep your house on the market by being too honest, or making small problems out to be larger issues. MSN Living recommends choosing your words very carefully when you describe your home in the newspaper or online. For example, if your home is small, write “cozy.” If it is near a busy or noisy intersection and a lot of stores, call it “conveniently located.” Old homes, MSN Living continues, should be described as “charming.”

Make Time Commitments Easier To Keep

Make life easier for everyone. By using combination lock boxes or key boxes (a sturdy lock typically attached to gas meters, door handles, or gates with a compartment for keys) will give realtors and homeowners alike the ability to easily pass off keys and keep appointments at all times of day.

Sell your home faster than you can blink. Use efficient combination lock boxes, make sure your home smells heavenly for showings, and word any print materials very carefully. Read more blogs like this:

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