Protecting Construction Workers


Crane operator training

For several workers in the United States and abroad, their lives depend on safe and reliable lifting devices. Companies take this responsibility to heart because safety is number one when it comes to construction workers. One way to keep safety at the forefront is with lifting slings. Lifting slings can be found in a variety of designs, sizes, and fabrications. They are also used for various lifting and rigging jobs. Some of these lifting slings include chain slings, wire rope rigging slings, overheard crane slings, industrial lifting chains, and cargo slings all used for heavy duty uses. For lighter weight uses there are nylon lifting slings and polyester round slings.

Fall safety courses and fall protection training can help construction workers to avoid dangerous situations that could lead to a fatal injury. Construction companies have high quality equipment and heavy equipment training have shown to help workers avoid accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 helps to enforce various safety regulations through OSHA training. OSHA performs regular safety inspections and creates regulations for different occupations. OSHA conducts equipment inspections as well as job safety inspections randomly each year on construction companies. At least one thousand construction workers suffer due to an on the job injury every year, according to OSHA.

Construction jobs caused more fatal injuries than any other industry in 2009. Falls are the leading cause of fatality in the construction industry. During any construction job, hard hats and steel toe boots are important for safety. Construction related deaths include four leading causes: falls, electrocution, getting caught between two objects, and being struck by an object. Lifting slings can help protect construction workers with proper material handling and safety training on how to use lifting slings. Helpful sites.

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