Three Common Springs to Use in Medical Devices

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Did you know that springs are made of spring steel, which is a form of steel that has a high yield strength? Springs are designed to be stretched and compressed, and they exert force that is proportional to its change in length. Since springs are a useful way to store potential energy, they are commonly used in medical devices. There are several types of medical springs available, and each one has its own unique capabilities.

1. Torsion springs. This type of spring is able to store energy when it is twisted. When the spring is twisted, it exerts force in the opposite direction, which makes torsion springs useful in various applications. In addition to medical devices, torsion springs are commonly used in garage doors, mousetraps, and clothespins.

2. Extension springs. Extension springs extend further when more pressure is put on them. These types of springs work with tension loads, and they are able to absorb tension while simultaneously creating resistance to a pulling force. Since extension springs come in countless sizes, they are often used in trampolines, small medical devices, and farm machinery.

3. Disk springs. The spring design of disk springs is similar to washers, so these springs are often used as washers. Disk springs have a high load capacity, high fatigue life, and small spring deflection, which makes them a small and convenient way to store energy. Disk springs typically consist of convex disks, which means these types of springs are commonly used for heavy loads.

Springs, although sometimes underappreciated, are a helpful and useful way to store energy. Fortunately, there are many types of springs available, such as extension, disk, and torsion springs. By obtaining the custom springs you require, your medical devices will be able to work properly. Check out this website for more.

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