Are Teens Smoking Coffee?


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Teenagers are getting their caffeine fix by smoking coffee beans, an ABC News affiliate reported Thursday. Youngsters allegedly purchase coffee to roll into caffeine sticks. Smoking coffee beans — or caffeine sticks — may cause dizziness, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and, in rare cases, hallucinations, ABC adds. Some experts say teens are also smoking coffee out of pipes.

The Truth Behind Caffeine Sticks

What is the truth behind caffeine sticks and teenagers taking up the habit of smoking coffee? In lamest terms, there isn’t any. In fact, the growing trend may very well be an internet hoax that was picked up by the ABC News affiliate on a slow news day (just in time for April Fool’s!). “While a viral string of ‘websites popping up online that will teach kids step-by-step on how to roll their own caffeine stick’ appears to be a little over-dramatic, there are a few how-to sites, and those that exist are often satirical,” Time magazine explains. Live Science echos the sentiment, “There’s no verifiable information confirming that this is a real trend — it may be just another internet oddity.” If it were true, teens would be susceptible to caffeine overdoses — causing the previously mentioned symptoms.

New Ways to Purchase and Enjoy Coffee

Although there is likely very little truth to short-lived caffeine sticks phenomena, many coffee franchises are focusing on providing coffee to consumers in new, unique ways. Mobile coffee franchises, such as mobile coffee vans, provide your favorite caffeinated beverages on-the-go. Consumers can purchase a cup of brew on their way to work, or even stop by mobile coffee vans at events, like conventions and festivals.

Getting your daily fix of caffeine doesn’t have to be dangerous — or boring. Mix things up by stopping by convenient mobile coffee vans on the way to work. Good refereneces.

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