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Shipping Costs Play a Major Role in the Pricing Structure of Many Industries

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Avocados, automobiles, and aviaries.
No single consumer probably understands the breadth of the transportation industry. If you take the time to think about all of the items that are shipped across this country, however, you could likely come up with an alphabetic trio for every single letter.
Glasses, gloves, and gluten free foods.
Mustard, matchbox cars, and mattresses.
And while the listing of the items that are shipped on a daily basis by freight brokers around the world might best be compiled alphabetically, the organization of these full and less than load (LTL) shipments are arranged mathematically. In fact, with the nation’s obsession with next day shipping, those companies who are the best at managing

How Trucking Shipments Move From One Place to Another

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Load boards

Have you ever passed a big freight truck with a full load and wondered how all the logistics work to get that load from point A to point B? In 2013 our nation’s trucking transported 15 billion tons of important and valuable cargo. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucks will be transporting close to 19 billion tons by the year 2040. Freight management is serious business, and a broker system is necessary to manage all the logistics. Read on to learn more about a broker system and just how load boards are arranged.

  • The first step: a shipper or business contacts a broker. A broker is essentially a third-party between the shipper in need of Continue Reading No Comments