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The History and Use of Monel Alloy

Written by admin on . Posted in 17-4 h1025, K400 alloy, Steel composition

Stainless steel

What is monel and is monel magnetic? If you’re interested in metals, their history, and their uses, read on to find out more about this fascinating metal.

  • What is monel? If the name sounds a bit odd, that’s because it was named after a person. Monel is an alloy with a base of nickel and copper and various types and amounts of other additives.
  • Where did monel come from? It was created by a metallurgist in the early 1900s. He names it for the director of the International Nickel Company. The creator, Robert Stanley, later became the director himself.
  • Why is monel useful? The great thing about monel is how resistant it is to corrosion, and that was the point of making it. Also, is monel magnetic? No, not at most temperatu