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A Guide to Getting By On Hard Labor

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Crosby forged shackles

Workplace accidents are messy and hard to navigate but one thing is certain – many work place accidents are entirely avoidable. There are a myriad of devices and protocols that can be put in place to make employees safer – from crosby forged shackles that prominently announce a work load limit to lifting slings that aid manual laborers in appropriately carrying heavy items. The Occupational Safety Act of 1970, popularly known as OSHA, put the wheels in motion for creating safer work environments. Below are some of the many actions that OSHA suggests to keep workers safe.
Gear up.
OSHA has outlined gear for particular kinds of work places to ensure safety. For example, hard hats and steel toe boots are required at construction sites. The severity of an injury is far lessened by these tw

Protecting Construction Workers

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Crane operator training

For several workers in the United States and abroad, their lives depend on safe and reliable lifting devices. Companies take this responsibility to heart because safety is number one when it comes to construction workers. One way to keep safety at the forefront is with lifting slings. Lifting slings can be found in a variety of designs, sizes, and fabrications. They are also used for various lifting and rigging jobs. Some of these lifting slings include chain slings, wire rope rigging slings, overheard crane slings, industrial lifting chains, and cargo slings all used for heavy duty uses. For lighter weight uses there are nylon lifting slings and polyester round slings.

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