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The Dos and Don’ts in Tank Storage

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Storage tank company

Storage tang construction can be a tricky business.  There are a lot of regulations that need to be followed.

Above Ground Storage Tank Regulations 

  • Above ground storage tanks (ASTs) are required to have secondary containers that wrap around the tank and can hold everything that is inside of it.
  • ASTs that can hold 1,000 gallons of oil or 10,000 gallons of virgin oil need to go to the Oil Control Program to get operations permits.
  • If an AST is made of steel and can hold more than 1,1000 gallons, it needs some sort of corrosion protection on the bottom.
  • For the secondary compartment, if impermeable materials are used in its construction, inspectors need to look at it once a week.  All others must be inspected ever 72 hours.
  • Any tank that is used for

Surprising Facts About Storage Tanks You Didn’t Know

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Api 653 tank inspection repair alteration

In the Yakima River oil spill of March 2015, about 50 different birds, including waterfowl like duck and geese, were covered in oil. This kind of incident highlights how the importance of adhering to API 650 and API 653 standards. These codes pertain to storage tanks, which often hold things oil and liquid fertilizer. At the end of the day, API 650 and API 653 tank reconstruction and repair can be vital in preventing costly spills.

Different Kinds Of Tanks With Different Kinds of Needs

Temporary tanks store their products for more than 30 days but less than 1 year, whereas tanks larger