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Real Estate Agents Have Many Tools That Can Help Them Guide Clients

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A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a study of the prices in which similar properties in the same area have sold recently. Real estate agents use CMA software to create a comparative market analysis for clients as they set a price for a house that will be sold, as well as determine a an offering price for a property that a client would like to purchase.
With the use of the latest CMA software, realtors can find a wide range of information that will help a client be successful in the search for a home or in the selling of a home. In fact, without CMA software for realtors there are many times when a client will be at a major disadvantage. Imagine, if you will, working with a client who moved from California to the midwest. Knowledge of the elevated property values on the west coast could be misleading for someone who is unfamiliar with the property values in the middle o

Are You Getting Ready to Purchase Your First Home?

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This is an exciting time for your oldest daughter. After just finishing an accelerated nursing program and passing her boards, she has already been hired for her first RN position. She is combining her savings with the hiring bonus that her new job has payed her, and has made the decision to purchase a starter home. She briefly considered renting an apartment, but soon realized that with a little scrimping she could invest in herself, rather than paying a landlord.
After working with a trusted realtor and paying close attention to the comparative market analysis (CMA) reports that the realtor provided, she feels like she has a real handle on how much she should spent in the area where she wants to live. In fact, the CMA reports have provided a way for her to compare the options that the realtor is showing her.
Real Estate CMA Software Provides Valuable Information to Both Buyers