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Blister Packaging Protects Pills, Makes Dosing Easier

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Bottle packaging designs

Even if you are a healthy person who is part of a healthy family, well, odds are that you have all kinds and types of prescription (and over the counter) medication in your home. In fact, statistics show that nearly half of Americans took a prescription drug sometime during the past month. And here?s another big-picture fact?according to statistics from 2010, physicians and pharmacies prescribed or provided more than 2.5 billion prescription drugs during after doctor?s office visits. The blister packaging used by medication manufacturers helps keep pills and tablets orderly, safe, and fresh and useful.

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Your Blister Packaging Questions, Answered

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Best blister packaging techniques

Blister packaging is both a popular and common method for packaging many products we use on a daily basis. Have questions? See the Q and A below for answers.

What is blister packaging?
Blister packaging is a type of packaging material and method used for pharmaceutical materials, foods, as well as office supplies. This type of packaging is characterized by its ‘formable web’ or pocket that forms a cavity suitable for holding and displaying whatever product it inside of it.
Blister packaging is often made of materials such as translucent plastic, and vinyl. Many environmentally conscious individuals often debate about its wastefulness, as a great deal of blister packaging designs are not recyclable.

What are the types of blister packaging?