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Convenience Or Aesthetic? The Design Ingredients That Really Catch A Customer’s Eye Today

Written by admin on . Posted in Food packaging, Packaging for dog food, Packaging for tea

Smart packaging is everything. Without it you might as well kiss your business’s future goodbye.

If that sounds a little extreme…that’s because it is! The first thing your customer will notice about your product, well before they’ve taken a bite or a sip, is the cover. They’ll observe the logo, read the ingredients, mull over the little blurb you put beneath the brand name. When your resealable pouches aren’t telling them what they need to know? They’ll set it right down and head straight over to your competitors.

From chocolate candy bags to dog food packaging, there’s a unifying foundation that brings it all together. It’s time to go on a journey on what, exactly, cements the perfect design.

Customers Read Food Labels…Even If You Don’t Think They Will!

You think maybe you should put the most effort into your logo. That’s what holds people’s attention, right? According to recen