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3 Tips For Optimizing Your Professional Cleaning Service

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If you’re an established business with a larger venue, chances are you’ve already invested in some sort of cleaning services. However it is important to optimize these services to fit with your business model and don’t interfere with you making money–school cleaning services will probably be customized differently from medical office cleaning services or restaurant cleaning, for example. Below are a few tips on optimizing your office cleaning service:

1. Know Your Peak Operating Hours
If you run a nine to five operation such as a school or a medical office, it probably doesn’t make sense to hav

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaning Companies

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Did you know that only 25% of individuals who work in office settings believe that their offices are clean? Fortunately, when you need your office effectively cleaned on a regular basis, professional commercial cleaning companies are available to help. Since office settings harbor large amounts of dangerous germs and bacteria, there are several advantages of hiring janitorial cleaning services.

- Everything gets cleaned. Janitor services make sure to disinfect every area of your office. For example, mouses and keyboards get washed because they contain approximately 50 times more bacteria than toilets, and even chairs and phones get cleaned because many types of bacteria grow on these pieces of furniture. Some professional commercial cleaning companies even offer outdoor cleaning services to ensure the