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Five Ways to Protect Yourself From Chargebacks

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No matter what type of merchant you are or what industry you’re in, there’s one thing that all merchants have in common: the plague of chargebacks. You make a sale. You send the merchandise to the customer. The money is in the bank. You go about your life. But wait? Suddenly, your payment processing company contacts you with a frowny face. That totally legit business transaction that you processed suddenly went awry and now you have to return the money.

Sometimes the customer says there was something wrong with the product. Sometimes the customer claims they never received the merchandise. Sometimes the customer claims that they never made the purchase to begin with. Whatever the reason, banks do very little to protect merchants from unfair or fraudulent chargebacks. While chargebacks are a sad part of mer

With the Rise of Online Shopping, How Can We Make Fraud Losses Start Falling?

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Card not present transactions

There’s been a lot in the news recently about credit card fraud and identities being stolen. In fact, so much so, that chip technology was finally implemented in major credit cards in America just recently. Americans are more and more worried that the transactions they make could eventually lead to fraud or identity theft. However, at the same time, online purchases are burgeoning like never before. A Forrester Research survey conducted in 2014 predicted that in 2017, online retail sales will go up to $370 billion, as compared to $231 billion in 2012. Six out of ten customers are worried about credit