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Keep A Floor Scrubber Handy To Minimize Slip And Fall Accidents

Written by admin on . Posted in Factory cat floor scrubbers, Floor scrubbing, Industrial floor sweepers

Tennant scrubber

The importance of having an industrial floor scrubber on hand comes into sharp focus when you consider the high risk of injuries resulting from slippery floors in certain workplace environments.

In particular, employees in areas where meat is handled are 75% more likely than the average worker to slip, trip and fall. That includes warehouses, grocery stores and other locations similarly exposed to meat products.

Over 25% of all the workplace injuries reported yearly are slip, trip and fall-related.
This type of accident accounts for more than 95 million lost work days each year. Even where procedures mandate the wearing of non-slip shoes and other safety equipment, an astonishing 98% of people surveyed at a recent convention