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Importance of building your brand

As technology has progressed over the years, businesses and how they do things on a daily basis have also undergone a series of transformations. This is in keeping with the latest developments and innovations in technology that allow businesses to keep cutting down on their process times, make their processes more efficient and productive, and adopt these technologies in order to ensure their continued growth and success. One of the ways that the business operation of companies has changed in a major way has been affected by the Internet. Whereas businesses would previously focus entirely on the brick and mortar business establishments, in this present day and age, it is equally, if not more important to establish solid online presence and to use the Internet to influence the opinions of peo

Why Website Design is More Important Than You Think

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Brand management

If you haven’t noticed already, human beings are highly visual creatures, with sight being among the most important of the five sense. Early man relied on sight as means of survival to avoid predators and other dangers that might eventually prevent them from reproducing. Speaking of, sight was critical in finding a suitable mate!

Fast forward to today and much has changed while remaining the same. For example, while sight is still used to avoid and detect danger and for searching for a mate — or food sources for that matter — people nowadays use sight as a means of determining whether a business is worth patronizing. And this is precisely where website design comes into play.

You may have been cautioned against judging a book by its cover as a child and probably as an adult too. However virtuous