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Three Ways Epoxy Floors Make a Difference

Written by admin on . Posted in Doctor office flooring, Epoxy flooring for manufacturing plants, Floor resurfacing

School flooring

It can be fairly easy to take floors for granted. Our eyes are typically looking straight ahead, not down, after all. But good floors are essential to the feel, atmosphere, and overall aesthetic to a room or building. If our eyes don’t pay attention to floors so much, our feet certainly do.

There are several types of floors. You’ve probably been in restaurants with wooden floors, offices with carpeting, or industrial buildings with concrete flooring, for instance. Some flooring materials are better suited for certain places. School flooring, for instance, is typically composed of epoxy flooring. Cafeteria flooring systems, such as those in malls, hospitals, and schools, also tend to be made of epoxy floors.

What are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors are essentially concrete floors that are covered in