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Why Signs Are Effective and How To Make Them More So

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One of the best ways to get attention and spread your message or your brand is to use the right kind of LED sign. Signage, from the church marquee to the electronic message boards for schools to the scrolling marquee signs for businesses, is an effective way to reach a community. Here’s why, and a few tips on how to design just the right message.

Why Signs Work

Studies show that 35% of people would never have discovered a business without the sign, and other studies have shown that adding or improving signage for businesses results in direct sales revenue improvement. Just adding a sign to the wall in front of a store is associated with nearly an 8% increase in revenue. And since 85% of the average business’s customers are living or working five miles around it, it pays to reach those people with great scrolling marquee signs or other eye-catching

Four Ways Digital Signs are Good for a School

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Electronic school signs

It might not seem like a school really needs to worry about signage. When it comes to a business or a restaurant, the need for LED signs or digital signs seems pretty clear. About 35% of people say they wouldn’t have even discovered a business if not for the sign, and studies have shown that adding a sign or improving one directly improves sales revenues. But what about a school?

Signs are Key for Communicating

It’s hard for schools. They have a lot of people to keep in touch with. Teachers, parents, students, lawmakers, and the general community: all expect to know easily what’s going on at any school in the area. School LED signs are one great way of making sure that every