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Tips for Protecting Your Customer’s Confidential Information

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The proper storage and shredding of customer information and documents is a very important, yet undervalued part of any business. When a business does a transaction with a customer, they are promising to properly dispose of their confidential information. This might include their name, birthdate, credit card information and address. In some situations, even more confidential of information might be used, such as social security number and driver?s license number. In fact, a business can be punished and fined if they do not properly dispose of their customer?s confidential information, and that information is then exposed.

Larger businesses that have access to thousands of customer?s information may contract a professional document storage company or document shredding service. Smaller to medium siz

Hiring a Document Shredding Service

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Having your private information stolen from you can not only cost you money, but can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress. According to research from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, American businesses lose roughly $24 billion ever year due to information theft.

In today’s technologically driven society, one would probably assume that it is incredibly common to have personal information stolen off the Internet. This is actually false; online exchanges only represent less than 10% of identity theft cases. Information stored on paper accounts for many more information loss cases than the Internet does.

Research shows that roughly 95% of business information is stored on paper. Many identity thieves can gain access to your information by finding unshredded documents in the garbage containing sens