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Prevent Card Not Present Chargebacks and Related Fraud — Select the Right Payment Gateway

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Moto transaction type

Nowadays, it is possible for businesses to start, function, prosper and spend their entire operating time without the need for opening a brick and mortar location. Businesses no longer need to depend on the only one viable traditionally used business model, that of opening up a brick and mortar store, which means that things like stock control, manning the store, overheads, rent and building costs are all things that you can do without in this day and age if your business model allows for that. There are hundreds of scenarios where businesses have operated only over the internet, and businesses already having a history with physical stores having also leveraged this incredible medium to further their interests. Continue Reading No Comments

What You’ll Need to Set Up an Online Store

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So you’ve decided on opening your own online store. Congratulations! E-commerce is one of the biggest trends in modern business, and many companies thrive on the online purchases their customer makes. But what goes into an online store, and how can you make them successful? Here’s a brief guide to all the things you’ll need for your new online shop.

Site Monitoring

One of the most important part of having an online presents is the ability to track your company’s online success. Tracking your site tracking and buying conversions can help your business see which methods work, track your inventory, and see which items are the most popular.

Shipping Solutions

If your online store sells physical products, you’ll need to set up a shipping service. W