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Five Common Questions About Cooling Towers

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Closed loop cooling systems

Cooling tower systems are some of the most important industrial systems in use today, and even if you’ve never realized it, you’ve probably seen quite a few cooling towers yourself. But what exactly do these towers do, and why are they so important for so many businesses?

  • What is a cooling tower? Many industrial processes naturally produce extra heat during operations, which is called “waste heat” and which needs to be removed from the system so that the equipment can function properly. Cooling tower systems remove this waste heat out of the system, thereby keeping the equipment cool enough to operate.
  • How do cooling tower systems work? There

Why Are Cooling Towers Used and in Which Contexts?

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Cooling tower system

Do you run a business that could benefit greatly from cooling water towers? If so, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with how cooling towers work and the various cooling tower systems that are available on the market.

For example, a big oil refinery that produces a daily amount of oil that totals 40,000 metric tons will also process approximately 80,000 cub meters’ worth of water each and every hour by using a cooling water tower. In addition to refineries, food processing plants, and industrial complexes involving semi-conductors, petrochemicals, natural gas, and other materials utilize these cooling towers to extract heat from the cooling systems.

One type of cooling to