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Showing You What’s to Love About Shipping Containers

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Storage container innovation

You take a look at a steel cargo container and you don’t see much, right? You see the same thing that protects goods when they come across the ocean to our country, and there’s nothing interesting about that. But truthfully, it’s what’s under the surface that counts when it comes to shipping containers and their many uses. Storage containers aren’t just used for traveling goods anymore – they’re a staple in offices, and a money-saver at that. Let’s look at the many ways that we can use storage containers and what w

Repurposing Old Steel Shipping Containers How Architects are Making a Lasting Impact

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Storage container modifications

International trade has opened a number of opportunities for businesses to negotiate production, packaging, and shipping options for their business. With the prominence of the internet in our modern age the possibilities are even more varied: a business can have their product produced in China, packaged in Japan, and finally shipped over to the U.S. thanks to container ships. Freight ships are able to haul hundreds or even thousands of loaded steel cargo containers at a time, making cargo ships a first choice when it comes to transporting large quantities of inventory.

International Shipping

At any given time there are over 17 million shipping containers in transportation around the world with the number of active shipping containers totaling at over five mil