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Freight and Fleet Tracking

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There are many businesses out there that require the use of multiple vehicles and multiple drivers at a time. Whether you run a taxi service, freight broker software, freight management, or anything else that involves juggling several vehicles in the field at once, you want to be sure that you know where all of your vessels are at all times and that they are running smoothly. This can seem impossible to do, because it is not feasible to be conversing with all drivers simultaneously to get live updates of them and their vehicles. Thankfully, there is a system that caters to doing this for you. With GPS fleet tracking and TMS with load board integration equipment, you can know where your vehicles are and more.

GPS fleet tracking and TMS with load board integration equipment is, in a nutshell, a software that uses tracking devices to monitor a fleet of vehicles. For you, this software can gather any

How Trucking Shipments Move From One Place to Another

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Load boards

Have you ever passed a big freight truck with a full load and wondered how all the logistics work to get that load from point A to point B? In 2013 our nation’s trucking transported 15 billion tons of important and valuable cargo. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucks will be transporting close to 19 billion tons by the year 2040. Freight management is serious business, and a broker system is necessary to manage all the logistics. Read on to learn more about a broker system and just how load boards are arranged.

  • The first step: a shipper or business contacts a broker. A broker is essentially a third-party between the shipper in need of Continue Reading No Comments