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Things to Consider Before Constructing an Oil Storage Tank

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Determine the appropriate coating for your tank

With recent events like the BP gulf oil spill, Americans are more aware of the need for safe steel storage tank options for oil. The 2013 Colorado floods left 48,250 gallons of oil and 43,478 gallons of produced water spilled; this created the initiative to repair oil wells and upgrade above ground storage tanks by 2016. Just this year, Washington state experienced a similar disaster when over 1,500 gallons of motor oil leaked from an above ground storage tank into the Yakima River as of March of 2015. Safe, reliable storage tanks can not only spare you the added

Understanding the Differences Between an API 650 and API 653 Inspection

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Api 653

Above ground storage tanks are an integral part of a variety of different ventures, both agricultural and industrial in nature. But many tank owners and operators aren’t entirely aware of the American Petroleum Institute (API)’s code of regulations and standards for these tanks; and these standards are crucial to ensuring that your tanks function as they should.

Two of the most prominent sets of API standards are the API 650 and API 653 standards. But what do these mean, and how can you tell between the two?

If you’re still not sure what the differences between these two groups of storage tank inspection standards are, this quick guide should help you:

API 650 standards are for the construction of wel