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Selecting the Best Over the Counter Medication for Your Symptoms

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The cold winter often brings colds and viruses. Everywhere you turn, there are people sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. You know it is just a matter of time until you get it. Once you do, you struggle with minimizing the symptoms as best you can so that you can continue on with work and school. You have plenty of over the counter medications at your local pharmacy, but which ones can really make you feel better? Do any of them really cure your symptoms? With so many options, it can be difficult to select the best medication for your needs.

Evaluate your symptoms

No two cold are the same. There are likely symptoms that affect you more than they affect a coworker. Evaluate all of the symptoms you have and rank which ones are giving you the most discomfort. This is the type of medicat

How Effective Are Childproof Caps?

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Everyone’s dealt with them–those annoying little caps that you have to press down and twist in order to open medicine bottles. It’s commonly believed that these caps are one of the best medical packaging techniques to keep children out of dangerous medicines, but a recent study casts doubt on the efficacy of these bottle packaging designs.

Published in the Journal of Pediatrics, the study found that the majority of preschoolers could open uncapped or partially closed child-resistant bottle packaging designs, therefore giving them the opportunity to ingest potentially harmful medicines. On the flip side, the study also seemed to imply that when completely capped, the child-resistant bottle packaging designs work perfectly.

The study also found bottles with flow restriction devices,