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What We Know about How People Shop

Written by admin on . Posted in Grocery store price tags, Grocery store signage, Shelf-edge promotional strategy

It surprise you to learn how carefully retailers study the human mind and the way people shop in order to make the most out of what they’re putting on their wholesale retail price tags and in-store marketing campaigns. Price tags for retail and shelf edge promotional items can do a lot to affect the way people buy, especially since studies show that shoppers make more than 80% of their purchase decisions after they’ve already entered the store. More than half of all purchases in any retail store are classified as impulse buys, and stores are keen to grab those. Signage does a lot to affect the way we shop, and almost 70% of consumers say they have made a purchase because a sign caught their eye. Here are some of the things we know about the way people shop.

People Need a Decompression Zone

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A Look Into The Continued Success Of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns In the United States

Written by admin on . Posted in Digital color, Direct mail company, Marketing needs

From color digital printing services to direct mail marketing, personalized marketing has become more common than ever before. It must be addressed as well that personalized marketing has widely moved onto an online platform, such as on sites like the social media giants of Facebook, Instagram, and now even Snapchat, and now more than fifty percent of all marketing budgets tend to be directed to marketing strategies for online platforms and social media sites. There, we see advertisements that are geared directly toward us, based from our online searches even off of that specific site. These forms of advertisements and marketing strategies are, on a whole, very successful and can use a number of different medias, from pictures to videos, to make their point and their impact. But color digital printing as a way to send personalized print fulfillment to people has not