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All About The Look — Not About The Taste

Written by admin on . Posted in 3d product mockup, Baby food labels custom, High quality dry transfers

There is no mistaking the fact that when consumers make purchases they pick up the types of thing that they find themselves gravitating towards, things that are visually appealing. Even the most mundane items seem to have catchy packing that tickles the fancy of those who purchase them. Packaging has become one of the five biggest industries in the United States. One of the new trends in consumer packing are sandwich packaging mockups. Who would have thought that the way sandwiches are packaged would have an effect on who buys them? Nowadays we shop with our eyes first and all other senses later. How exactly do we end up with these fun sandwich packaging?

There are all types of mockups. Graphic designers are able to showcase their skills and the personalities of the companies they represent with their fun and unique food packaging. From custom shrink wrap labels to shrink wrap packaging

Rapairing Welding Equipment Keeps Industry Strong

Written by admin on . Posted in Gas and supply tulsa, Safety supply tulsa, Welding gear

The industry of welding is essential to the modern industrial world. Manufacturing and construction, as well as repair work, rely on this labor to make machines and infrastructure, from pipes to cars, possible. In fact, around 50% of American products involve welding during manufacturing. But even welding equipment can break down sometimes, and only the right gas for the job will do. Welding regulator repair, getting the right kind of gas, and more can keep this industry alive and well in the coming years.

The Right Gas and Gear for the Job

Welding is a skill-intensive and physically demanding job, and only the best welding gear and pressurized gases and get the job done. According to Crom Weld, the worker’s whole body must be prepared. A full-head helmet with a tinted visor is a must, and some even have adjustable, battery or solar-powered lenses for maximum flexibility. Another option for finer work is to invest in mo