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The Ins and Outs of Energy Drink Labeling

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Many Americans rely on a cup of coffee (or several) to get going in the morning. But this caffeinated beverage is far from the only option we have to power through the day. Even consumers who have sworn off soda can find a way to maximize productivity and feel more awake. Enter: energy drinks.


Although the ingredients may vary between brands and specific energy drink products, the vast majority of energy drink manufacturers have come to a consensus regarding the labels for beverages like these. Members of the American Beverage Association (which include major corporations like The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, as well as ROCKSTAR and Monster) represent 95% of the entire energy drink category. As such, the ABA has developed specific commitments in regards to product identification and labeling for energy drinks.


According to research, 38% of consumers use nutrient content claims often, while 34% of consumers say they reference this information sometimes. Including this data is essential for energy drinks, as it’s not merely about nutrition; since these beverages may include caffeine, advisory statements need to be included on custom beverage labels to inform consumers. The ABA notes that beverage labels for energy drinks need to include total caffeine quantity from all sources in the container, on a per-can or per-bottle basis, and on a per-serving basis (if containers have multiple servings within). These caffeine statements can be included separately from product identification and nutrition facts panels. These beverages must also contain a statement advising the consumer that the drink is “not intended or recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or those sensitive to caffeine.” Of course, all ingredients and any allergen information should be included on these food and beverage labels.


The ABA also notes that product identification must be carefully considered here. Energy drinks should not be labeled as dietary supplements, despite how they were classified in the past. Instead, they must be labeled under the foods and beverages category. Labels on energy drinks should not promote mixing the contents with alcohol, nor should they contain claims about canceling out the effects of alcohol use.


Energy drink manufacturers should take note that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does regulate these beverages. Although some makers misclassified these drinks in the past, stricter regulations and consumer incidents have prompted more transparency within the industry. Many of the most well-known energy drink makers pride themselves on being completely forthcoming with their ingredient lists. By adhering to the ABA guidelines and focusing on consumer knowledge, energy drink manufacturers can actually go above and beyond what’s required.


While this may seem like a hassle, it’s actually an excellent way to improve brand reputation and focus on consumer trust. Rather than admit only as much as you need to, it’s often a better idea to disclose everything and let the modern consumer decide for themselves whether your product is the right fit for them. After all, customers are thirsty for information — and by providing as much of it as possible on your labeling and packaging, they may find your energy drink is exactly what’s needed to quench that thirst.



Is Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral a Good Idea?

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Over 2 million people die every year in the US, and yet many of us are still uncomfortable talking about funeral planning. It might be time for all of us to get comfortable with talking about pre-planning funeral arrangements. Funeral costs Laredo TX residents have found are on the rise.


Pre-planning funeral arrangements Laredo TX families have also found helps to reign in some of the costs. Pre-planning can lock in the price of the funeral at the funeral home and save thousands of dollars for your family.


Take Control Now


It is never too soon or too late to consider speaking to a trusted funeral direction about pre-planning your funeral. A funeral planning checklist can be used to ensure that you make all the decisions that need to be made.


The cost savings pre-planning funeral arrangements Laredo TX families have learned can be tremendous, and more importantly it delivers peace of mind. When you know upfront what you need to pay to take care of your funeral you can take care of the expenses and forget about it.


It is Better For the Whole Family


You do not want to leave the burden of funeral planning on your family. You can take the burden off their shoulders by taking responsibility for your own funeral planning. Your family will not have to worry about what you would have wanted, it will all be taken care of for them.


It Can Be a Hard Conversation to Have


A trusted funeral home will have the experienced funeral director that can walk you through the process and discuss your options with you. This is a hard conversation that no one wants to have. No one likes to think about a time that they will no longer be here. The right support can make the conversation easier.


You can get all the information that you need to be completely prepared for the future, save money, and take the burden off your family members. You will be able to move forward in life with peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of for your afterlife needs.