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Archive for December 4, 2017

Facts On Clamshell Packaging

Written by admin on . Posted in 223 ammo box, Safety glasses cases, Tamper evident clamshell

Thermoformed clamshells

Right now over half of all people across the globe will make their purchasing decisions based on information that does not relate to just money. Before, many people believed that they should just focus on saving money when buying products. However, now nearly 50% of all people will decide if they want to buy from a brand based on whether that brand is making a positive social and environmental impact.

When trying to understand why people are making decisions in this light, keep in mind what happens to items that are packaged in plastic. In the year of 2013, there were just about 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced across the globe. Just about 40% that plastic was dumped into landfills and 32% was leaked into the environment which pollutes both land and sea.

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