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Cutting a Piece More Than Meets the Eye

Written by admin on . Posted in Hydraulic cylinders, Pneumatic fittings, Toggle clamps destaco

Toggle clamps destaco

In nearly every phase of construction, whether of metal parts or wooden parts, there are many questions that need answered. Today we look at the simple act of cutting.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, cutting tools are just one facet of the act of cutting. Designs must be drawn up, and pieces must be measured and marked, before they are brought anywhere near the cutting tools. The pieces must then be secured next to the cutting tools. This can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including vises, toggle clamps, C clamps, wood clamps, grooves, or screw clamps.

Only then can the cutting tools be applied. But “cutting” is only a vague term. Pieces can be trimmed, chopped, shaped, grooved, scored, molded, bored, beveled, or drilled. And with each type of cut, there are numerous devices that can help