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Firms Beginning to Contract With Managed Service Providers for Security and IT

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Managed service provider

There may be quite a bit more competition during the hiring process than job seekers realize: recent studies indicate that for every posted entry level position, an average of over 140 applications are received. For full-time, skilled-labor jobs, a company may receive over 90 resumes for each listed opening. Workers are looking for attractive wages, but many choose flexibility and variety over traditional office work.

An increase in the availability of home-based employees has also made competition for jobs more fierce: companies can now choose from the best talent from across the country instead of needing to settle on the most competent employees in their local areas. Around the world, recruiting managers report that they prefer quality employees and that they use that as a measure of thei

3 Tips for Procurement Management of Outsourced Talent

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Contingent workforce solutions

Procurement management is an area of the business world that has evolved immensely over the last few years. Whether it be for goods, services, or contingent workforce solutions, more and more companies are putting increased value on the potential benefits of procurement solutions. However, not every function and task should be outsourced. Knowing what to procure and what to keep in-house is the first step to successful procurement management. One of the next important aspects is the actual management of the outsourced talent you hire. Here are three tips