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Exhibits Making The Most Of Trade Shows

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If you’re an inventor or the owner of a small business, you know just as well as anyone how difficult it can be to spread the word about your product or service. This is the first challenge for any entrepreneur; chances are that you will have competition, and the chances are equally good that some of your competitors will be more “vetted” than you are. Still, there has to be a way for you to get your name out there and convince potential clients, customers, and investors that you are worth the risk. Many find that the best possible way to do this is through trade shows. Trade shows are a great place for entrepreneurs to not only advertise their products or companies, but to demonstrate their services and inform an audience on a deeper level of their goals. But how do you do this effectively, and for that

How to Optimize Your Trade Show Exhibit Display

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Over $24 billion are spent each year by U.S. Exhibitors on trade shows. According to B2B’s “2014 Marketing Outlook” study, events are the second largest area of growth in media spending. The average company will allocate almost one-third of its marketing budget to events such as trade shows and exhibits, and yet 70% of them set no specific objectives for their trade shows.

One of the first steps in trade show management is to determine your objective for attending the show. Half of the 200 largest trade shows held in the U.S. occur in one of only three cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando. Chances are your business isn’t located in Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando, so attending a major trade show exhibition will mean travel expenses on top of the costs of trade show booth designs and paraphernalia. Ha