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12 of the Coolest Shipping Container Structures

Written by admin on . Posted in Shipping, Shipping container, Shipping container office

Shipping containers were originally designed for transporting goods. Once they finished doing that, what do we do with them? Increasingly, the answer is to build. An industrial shipping container is strong, durable, stands up to the abuse of the elements, can be made mobile, is endlessly versatile. Here are some of the most amazing container building solutions anywhere in the world.

The Boucher Grygier House

Located in California, this home has three bedrooms and all the amenities. It’s 251 m² and was constructed out of three refrigerated shipping containers. Two of the containers are used to provide the kitchen and master bedroom, while the third container has been cut in half and stacked in order to provide the other rooms.

Redondo Beach House

While we’re in California, we shouldn’t forget the Redondo Beach house. This two-story home of 278 m² is built out of eight shipping containers. This particular home features four bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a shipping contai