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Why is SEO so Important for Chicago Internet Marketing?

Written by admin on . Posted in Chicago seo, Internet marketing chicago, Seo chicago

Seo chicago

Did you know that 24 percent of marketing spending last year was spent on a form of digital or online marketing? One big player in internet marketing Chicago is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is concerned with making sure that companies rank high in search results for keywords and phrases relevant to their products or services. This is accomplished through creating high quality content in the form of blogs, articles, and blurbs, for the most part, as well as some web design and social media marketing. Did you know that 40 percent of US companies have a blog on their official website? Blogs increase search index pages by an average of 400 percent.

Quality Seo chicago content accomplishes two things. First, it engages the readers who discover it. Second, it appeals to search engine algorithms because it is organic while also containing keywords. Why is search engine optimization so important to internet marketing chicago? A study by ComScore qSearch points out that every month, 4.9 million searches are entered online. Of those, 20 percent of searches are for local goods and services. Most people once they get search results ignore paid advertisements and focus on the first page of listed results.

The impact of how users search the internet for products and services can be either good or bad for your company depending on how well you implement search engine marketing. Most companies today outsource their internet marketing Chicago, and this includes SEO. SEO companies are a good consideration for marketing investment since they provide daily analysis of how well their campaigns for you are proceeding. Since they focus and specialize on producing SEO content, you will have internet marketing Chicago experts working on your website.

Remember that quality content is key to improving the ranking of your website, especially because any content could be the first thing a customer sees about your company, and it can impact their perception of your brand. This is why it is important to invest in SEO companies that produce very professional work. Research more like this.