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6 Things to Know About a Class Action

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Intellectual property

A class action lawsuit is when a lot of people that have had similar negative experiences, get together and file a lawsuit against the company or individual. Class actions should be regarding misconduct from a company or several companies or it could be a violation of the civil rights of a group by an individual or several individuals. Here are some things that you should know if you are involved in class actions of some kind.

  1. You Should Get Involved
    Commercial cases that involve accusations like fraud or product defects tend to settle in arbitration without going to

How All Three Kinds of Class Actions Work

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Bankruptcy case

Class actions can also be known as class suits or representative actions. These are lawsuits in which one of the sides involved is represented by a member of that same group. Typically, when a plaintiff sues the defendant on behalf of an absent party it will differ from a traditional case. Traditionally, a party sues another party for a wrong and everyone must be present in court. Class actions usually involve a large number of people that have been wronged or injured by the accused party. Instead of making every one of those people appear in court, the class actions clause allows it all to be resolved in one single proceeding instead of hundreds or possibly thousands of smaller ones.

For example, if a large corporation has been charging fees to their clients, it may turn out that those fees were illegal.