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Learning About Different Types of Gears 101

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Custom gears

When it comes to mechanics and engineering, many people get overwhelmed by all the various terms. However, you don’t have to be a professional in either of these fields in order to understand some common concepts and tools that are often used.

One of the simplest tools in engineering is the gear. A gear, also known as a cogwheel, is essentially a circular piece of metal with “teeth.” When a gear combines with a different gear or piece of machinery, torque is able to be transmitted successfully.

There are many kinds of custom gears, ranging from bevel gears to spur gears to hypoid gears. Read on to learn all about these kinds of tools.

Learning the Basics About Different Gears:

  • One of the most common kinds of gears is the bevel gear. Bevel gears can be found in multiple things incl

The Basics of Working with Worm Gears

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Worm gear reducers manufacturers

As any well-versed worm gear manufacturer will tell you, worm gears are those ones with the circular, toothed wheels that have a spiral thread sitting on top that both engages and drives the wheel. Folks that don’t work with gears don’t realize that this basic interaction between two pieces is one of the world’s “six simple machines.” Typically, they’re comprised of steel and brass.
The way that worm gears work, generally, is when either an engine or electric motor is used to apply some rotational power to the worm, which then rotates again the wheel. Worm gears get chosen over standard gears for several reasons. One of them is that it’s impossible to