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Designing Decisions How You Can Persuade With Great Package Design

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Rollstock packaging

If you don’t think your liquid pouch packaging design matters, think again. Here’s what you don’t know.

You have seconds to convince and convert consumers. - The race to be the brand who convinces and converts a consumer is as fast-paced as it is short. Multiple studies have found that the average consumer spends just 13 seconds purchasing a product while in the store. The Internet isn’t much better. The average online consumer spends 19 seconds making a purchase, and the majority spent less than 10 seconds. In other words, you need to be as brief and convincing as possible.

People aren’t going to pay attention for very long. - You could go on and on all day about why people should buy your product over the competitors, but the thing is, you have to be as brie

Selling Your Flexible Packaging Solutions to Retailers

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Eco friendly food packaging

This is an exciting time for the plastics industry. It is an important one for the American and global economy as it adds $375 billion and more than one million jobs to the economy. One of the fastest growing sectors of this industry is the flexible packaging market. Experts expect it to increase from $74 million to nearly $100 million over six years. Businesses turn to flexible packaging solutions for modern food packaging, for example.
Tips for pitching new flexible packaging solutions to retailers:

  1. Create exciting new custom packaging products that add clear value. Heat sealed pouches and wraps are great for keeping food contamination free and fresh. For stores, modern food packaging can translate into profits as foods stay fresh longer. Stores can keep certain foods on th