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Why Flexible Packaging is So Widely Appreciated by Consumers and Retailers

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Flexible packaging is when a package or a container is made with a type of material that will yield easily when it is filled with the contents. Even after closing it can change shape. Flexible packaging can be made of paper, plastic, film, foil or a combination of two or more of these. The types of things that are made include but are not limited to: roll stock, pouches, labels, lids, shrink sleeves and stretchy film. Many times food processing equipment and sensors and controls as well as many other types of products can be wrapped in flexible packaging before they are boxed up in order to protect small moving parts. It is preferable to rigid packaging because

Flexible Packaging How It’s Made And What It Does

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Manufacturing is a fast-paced industry, in part due to the nature of its business, and in part because so many industries are reliant upon good manufacturing standards. This applies to the flexible packaging industry, which directly employs about 79,000 people. Flexible packaging affects many different industries in turn, and once the facts about it are presented, it will become clear why. The workings behind the packaging industry are complex, and its effect on the economy is great, in part because it can employ thousands of people, including veterans.

Flexible Packaging: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Flexible packaging is meant to hold everything from food products to liquid medicines.