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Are The Medications That You Take Every Day Safe?

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How do our medications come to be? This is a question that many of us wonder as we unscrew the caps to our pills every day. What have these medications been put through to prove that these medications are safe for our consumption? In the event that these medicines do in fact end up on our shelves it means that these dugs have gone through rigorous clinical research. The pharmaceutical companies admit to spending 1.43 trillion dollars a year on these various studies. What are the steps of a clinical trail? Well here is a little more in regards to what exactly a clinical research trial is and how phase 1 drug trials influence the medication that we are prescribed daily.

There are typically four key phases to clinical trials. Each one of these trails measures what is good about the drugs and what needs to be reevaluated in order to better the prescription for you. Often time you will see ads asking for people to partici

Understanding How Clinical Trials Work

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Clinical trials are a way of collecting data to understand the safety and efficacy of new medical treatments. Clinical trials are an important step on the way to getting approval for a treatment, and there are typically four phases to any clinical trial, starting with Phase 1 clinical trials and ending, hopefully, with approval from the FDA. Each phase is considered a separate trial, and it is possible for a drug or treatment to fail at any point.

Are CNS Trails Really Necessary?

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for curing many deadly diseases that plagued the world even just a few decades ago. Hepatitis C, for example, used to require lifelong treatment and often ended with the need for a liver transplant. Today, between 90% and 95% of people with hepatitis C can be cured with an 8 to 12-week drug treatment. The pharmaceutical industry currently spends almost $150 billion every year on research and development, and as of 2014, pharmaceutical companies made up five