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Mediocre Web Design Just Won’t Fly These Days Five Marketing Elements Your Site Needs To Thrive

Written by admin on . Posted in Content development, Dallas seo, Web design engagement

Good web design is like a nice smile or a pretty outfit nowadays. It’s a simple gesture that promises a big payoff.

Likewise, web design that comes off as drab, uninteresting or sloppy can turn people away and leave you wondering how you’re going to catch up. Everyone seems to have a website these days, from the fresh-faced entrepreneur to the seasoned medium-sized local business, but not everyone actually uses all their resources to their advantage. Your digital first impression deserves more than a fresh coat of paint. It needs to provide a constant stream of useful information, catchy visuals and clever digital marketing techniques to give you the biggest possible return on your investment.

Here are five useful resources no modern website should be overlooking.

Local SEO

You’ve already heard plenty about SEO and its effective method of bringing small businesses and customers together. What about local SEO, though? When you’re a l